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Capitalizing on TV Everywhere and Social TV

SPRINGBOARD Media® is a cloud-based software platform that enables service providers, such as cable, media, and multi screen players, to enhance their subscriber’s viewing experience by capitalizing on trends such as “TV Everywhere” and “Second Screen”. Users can discover, watch, socialize, and engage with media content in innovative ways on their tablets, smartphones and smart TVs, letting providers extend their brand and compete more effectively against new market entrants.

Consumers do not just sit and watch TV anymore – they actively participate and comment on what they are watching through smartphones, tablets and other connected devices. What used to be a “lean back” medium has now become “lean forward,” with social TV activity increasing in ways that can’t be ignored by those invested in the TV ecosystem. Providers need to quickly build value and loyalty with fickle consumers, maintaining their brand and building revenue potential. This means using a platform that can launch new applications quickly and effectively across the many connected devices that are on the market today.


SPRINGBOARD Media provides a centralized solution that integrates the provider’s existing IP-based systems, aggregating and consolidating the services for use across multiple devices. This includes integration with third party applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Rotten Tomatoes, content sources such as Rovi and IMDB, as well as advertising, care and billing systems.

SPRINGBOARD Media: Key Features and Benefits for Service Providers

  • Increases viewer engagement and loyalty by delivering fresh content with the ability to personalize and share the experience
  • Makes the viewing experience more fun and social, which drives new ways to discover and interact with content
  • Promotes awareness for new and existing content and provides opportunities for cross-promotions
  • Unifies the viewing experience across devices, enabling users to pick up where they left off no matter what device they are using Ensures brand consistency across one or multiple viewing experiences
  • Reduces development costs and capital investment through the cloud-based platform
  • Collects device and in-app analytics to understand user behavior and optimize strategy

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