Mobile Video Streaming – The Love Affair Continues

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Our video viewing habits have definitely changed. Mobile video streaming is now the fastest-growing category of data-consuming activities on the Internet. Last year online TV viewed from a connected device grew at 246% year over year (!) and roughly 30% of this was from mobile. And no, its not just the millennials. Digital video viewing for people aged 50 to 64 has doubled over the last year.

But enough with the stats. It was no surprise that The Great Courses, the world’s leading producer of educational media for lifelong learning, came to us to help improve their mobile experience for customers. Today’s savvy users, both young and old, now want to stream their purchased audio and video titles to mobile devices. We worked closely with The Great Courses to design and develop a mobile video streaming application that would meet the specific needs of their viewing audience.

The first request was for an enhanced user experience that would include a fresh new UI (user interface). Customers can now search, view and organize their purchased content, track their viewing progress, queue up a lecture series, and even share ideas over social with like-minded customers.

From an ROI (return on investment) perspective, The Great Courses are able to display a new screen every time customers log in, providing an opportunity to run offers and promotions which stimulate additional purchases. They can also track real-time metrics on customer behavior, and adjust their business plans as needed. Take a look at our 60-second video to get a quick overview of The Great Courses mobile video streaming app!

The Great Courses road map is now full of exciting new plans and features that will continue to help them stay at the top of their game when it comes to mobile video streaming. If you’re interested in learning more about our video design and development capabilities feel free to reach out – it’s an app driven world, that’s for sure!

Holly Dowden, VP of Marketing, mPortal

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