Google Brillo – Will It Show It’s Brilliance?

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Google is rumored to release a new operating system (OS) called “Google Brillo” specifically developed for IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

The first version of Google Brillo is expected to be announced in a just a few days. With IoT devices becoming a hot market, many major vendors such as Microsoft and Samsung are already jumping into it. For example, Microsoft has its own plans with Windows 10 IoT core, aimed at wearable devices, and Samsung is bringing out its own processors to run its IoT devices.

It may be too early to say anything about the features of Google Brillo, but here’s what we think.

What could be the new game for plan for Google Brillo?

With the huge success of Android OS for smartphones, Google will definitely be looking for the same kind of dominance in IoT.

  • Connectivity – Google Brillo is expected to offer basic connectivity of IoT devices with the web and most importantly, the ability to communicate amongst themselves. The OS might power IoT devices with low memory e.g. 32MB and 64MB.
  • Performance Booster – IoT devices embracing Google Brillo will make them “smarter,” as mentioned earlier. Performance of these devices can be easily tracked. On the other hand, the usage patterns of these devices by the end-users will help OEMs improve on the design and performance.
  • One Umbrella – With Brillo’s release, Google will likely be planning to bring almost all the IoT devices under a single umbrella. This move will ensure Google’s dominance over its competitors, as well as expand its market share.
  • Compatibility – If Brillo succeeds, many of the OEMs will definitely start flocking to this new OS, and many vendor’s devices will now be able to communicate without any additional effort. Thus compatibility will become a de-facto feature.
  • Easy Upgrade – IoT devices running a single OS will be easier to upgrade with subsequent releases. Even if the OEMs run their own custom flavors of Brillo, this may be achieved without much of an effort, as in the case of Android.

The features discussed above could be just a handful of what Brillo will offer in the days to come. Google likely has its own plans add many more features. Having said this, the success of Brillo will not depend on features alone. It still remains to be seen how the OEMs and the world actually embrace Brillo – or not! Also, youc an be sure competition is already cropping up, with their own similar firmware.

Nevertheless, Brillo is expected to give a brilliant shine!

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