4 Strategies for Creating a Great Mobile User Experience

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At Google I/O 2014, Google launched its most aggressive mobile strategy to date with the introduction of Android 5.0 (or Lollipop) and their new “material design” language. This new user interface emphasized a “paper and ink” feel along with new animations and a different layout.

It was a clear shot across the bow to that other mobile company out there – and a statement that Google really was getting serious about building great mobile design and a compelling mobile user experience.

It wasn’t always that way. Mobile design used to be more about the technology features. Now, it’s less about the features, and more about how they’re being delivered.

In fact, creating a compelling mobile user experience has become an art in itself – and it’s not just about surface looks. Sure, it’s important to have a design that looks cool, clean, and unique. But developing a lasting relationship with users requires more than just beauty. It requires focusing on four strategies:

Purpose. Just like everything, apps must have a purpose to succeed. This purpose will serve as the platform for everything else that comes after – features, layout, graphics, usability, and everything that ultimately must work together to form a compelling mobile user experience.

Design. Design can take many forms. Do you want a flat design, a la Apple, or would you like something more dynamic, like Lollipop? How interactive should the app be, and should it be cross-platform? Above all – does the design match the purpose?

Technology. The back-end needs to be just as functional as the front-end. Otherwise, you’re left with a pretty app with no purpose.

Design Intelligence. Marrying all of the aforementioned points together is the most important step, and the essence of true “design intelligence.”

Companies like Google and Apple discovered each of these points years ago. As such, they’ve shaped expectations of what a well-designed mobile app constitutes. Today, consumers and enterprise customers expect simple and intuitive, yet rich and compelling, mobile user experiences.

mPortal is in the business of delivering those experiences, and we understand the importance of compelling mobile design. That’s why we’ve published an e-book, The Art of Useable Design. which includes additional insight and details on the aforementioned strategies, as well as examples of our work.




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